Erich Kohlberg's Antique Cuckoo Clock
Clock Maker Phillip Haas and Sons
Erich Kohlberg's cuckoo clock
This clock was once owned by well known antique's store owner and Native Ameican artifact dealer, Erich Kohlberg of Denver.
More information about Erich and Kohlberg's antiques store HERE

 Kohlberg's Antiques store has early roots in Denver Colorado.  Erich Kohlberg's uncle came to America from Austria in the early 1870's.
He established one of Denver's first curio shops in lower downtown, It was around 1930 when Erich Kohlberg moved to Denver to help manage his uncle's shop.  His uncle had to have been around 70 years old at that time.  Young Erich work with his uncle managing the shop.  At some point, he became the sole proprietor.  Over the years Kohlberg's store became one of Colorado's most reputable antique stores with worldwide customer.

 My mom worked at the Kohlberg's antiques store in the 1960's and the 70's.  Over years, she became a respected friend of Mr and Ms. Kohlberg and she did research, restoration, and sales for the store.  I believe this clock was most likely Erich Kohlberg's personal clock.  It's not the kind of thing that they would typically sell in their antique store.  Whether it was a personal item or something that he intended to sell, I don't know.  What I do know is, that Eric Kohlberg personally gave this cuckoo clock to my mother because the leather bellows that made the cuckoo bird sounds had completely worn out and no one knew how to fix it.  My mom had the clock for years and eventually passed it on to me.  I found the proper leather and made the necessary repairs for the bellows to work again and they still work.
I'll include the patterns for the leather bellows. You may need them someday!

I used the use the clock years ago in another house but I haven't used it for a long time.  I did hang it up and test it recently and it seems to work fine.  Of course the timing of the chimes often needs to be set on some of these old cuckoo clocks, especially if they haven't been used.  

It's a one day clock, it has hourly and quarter hour chimes.

There are no markings visible, however, after lots of research, I 'm sure it's a Phillip Haas clock. The carved design and style, the works and the paper marble pattern on the whistles, are all typical only of Haas cuckoo clocks.

The overall condition of this clock is pretty good, although it does show its age and has seen a lot of use.  It has untouched original character.
The round wooden dial face has a split from age and one of the hands has been repaired with some thread wrapped around it to hold it together, see photos.  It may have been done by Mr. Kohlberg himself so I just left it that way.  

Sold as is however when I last used it, it worked fine, including the chimes, doors, birds and the whistles, but it's been sitting for years.  
The 90 inch celing in my house is too low to allow the weights the weights to move all the way down.  It needs an 8 foot or higher celing.
I'll include a signed letter of authentication with this clock. Stating that all the above history is true.  

A unique piece of Denver history in it's own way.  Give this good old time piece a loving home!  It still has life in it!!!

The front measures 22 3/4 inches" Tall 17 1/2 inches wide.
Most all large 3 weight German cuckoo clocks commonly sell for $350. or more.  
Price: 300.  + $30. for shipping in the USA, as it's heavy and large.

If you are local, contact me, maybe we can avoid shipping costs.

Unmarked but a classic Haas clock including the signature marble paper on the whistles.

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