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The USS Constitution

 I assume it to be an unknown artist's rendering of the famous 1927 oil painting of  "Old Ironsides" (the USS Constitution) by Gordon Grant .  Price $350.  Plus 35. for shipping.  

Long Sword European Style

The marking on the hilt looks like "FAL. NG FN GRANADA 1852" and on the top edge of the blade its marked "TOLEDO ANO 1806"
   This sword is 42" long overall, the blade is 32 5/8" long, the cross guard is 9 1/2" wide.   $260.  Free Shipping in the USA!

Old Original  Yatagan - Turkish Sword
Early Turkish Ottoman Sword - Yatagan-Yataghan.  Around 1800 - 1810.  $420.   

A very odd and deadly concealed weapon from the 1800s
An interesting and unusual old weapon! $150.   Free Shipping in USA!

Interesting old Silver box from Netherlands. The design on the lid has three men in early 18th century clothing and a dog.   Dutch history or folklore?  
The Lion passant mark is silver purity mark.
The Minerva head is the duty mark, this one has a number 2 and key tip on the bottom of the mark. The other round mark is the date mark but I don't know the  date.

 No dents. 3 1/2" tall  3 3/8" wide 2" deep.  Weight 6 oz.   $150.   FREE SHIPPING IN USA

Large Beautiful Bali Woman Carving

Nice hand carved wood bust of a woman, from Bali, Indonesia.  An older piece with some obvious age but beautiful!  Has a small piece missing from one of the flowers. Marked on bottom "I B Sudjat, Sanor"

12  3/4" tall.   $110.
Bali Woman 2

Older Bali carving of a woman with fancy head-dress, has a old repair (see photo) repair is not visible from the front.  Shows some wear and age. Very nice little bust 7 1/4 " $65.

Tanzanian wood carved figure
Tanzanian wood carved figure of a African woman carrying a pot on her head.  
Very heavy, dense wood. Ebony?    Age unknown 13 3/4" tall.  $65.

Statuette of Three Nude Women

Nice older decorative statuette of three nude women,

 It has an Ivory look but could be meerschaum.
Marked G.R. on back.  5 1/2 " tall.  

I don't know how old but it's a beautiful piece. $65.

1940s Western Electric Telephone

I haven't tested it but it is complete. it needs cleaning.  
$60.  Free shipping in the USA!
Old Lineman's Phone - "FROG"
This is an interesting telephone, Nicknamed "the Frog" 1930's to 1940's, The body is made of black rubber. This phone still works and can be used to monitor your phone line, you can hear any conversations on your phone line without turning it on or you can turn it on to talk or use the dial to call out,  These are getting hard to find.   $65.

Victorian Mesh Purse

Victorian fine mesh Brass purse with hinged top and chain handle. The backside of the hinge has the name  "Jessie Morley Craven" engraved on it. Front side of hinge has three oval artificial gems. Excellent condition. Dimensions: 5'' wide A nice antique mesh purse!  $100.
Antique Purse
Antique purse (belt purse?) old high quality bullion, hinged opening is covered with hundreds of tiny artificial pearls and diamonds. Bullion is worn and tarnished but still very attractive, silk lining with pocket.
Nice old piece, from 1900 - 1920's?.   7 3/4" wide.   $55.

Rare Colorado Licensed Driver's Badge #106  from 1921
Bronze badge with gold Colorado state seal.  A rare early Colorado automotive collectible.
$80.  Free shipping in USA.

Group of Old Original 1930s & 40s  Award Medallions

Buy All 568 Award Medallions for $250.

Colorado Collecting History

A brief history of Kohlberg's Antiques store in Denver

Kohlberg's was one of Denver's oldest and most respected antique dealers.   This store is a part of Denver's history.

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