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Quality M-43 Caps  
Everyone should own at least one M-43 cap!
Satisfaction guaranteed on any cap or mail it back within 5 days for a refund, minus shipping cost!

 I made M-43 caps for over 30 years but I don't make them anymore.  
My stock is limited but I still have a few camo caps available.  

 Thank you to all the great customers I've done business with over the years.  
Your loyalty and positive feedback is very appreciated as always!

If you're interested in buying my remaining stock of M-43 caps, contact me and I'll make you a good offer!

All Tropical Caps Reduced To $25. each - Free Shipping in USA!

Heer Splinter Camo M43 cap
These are made from  new cotton fabric.
 They are nonreversible and have a plain liner.
Available Sizes: --,--,57, 61


ITEM # Oak B
Spring Oak B Camo M-43 Cap
These are made from lightweight cotton fabric My hope was to make a cooler cap for the hot summer days. They are a beautiful pattern but are not as stiff as my other caps. They are non-reversible and have a plain liner.
Available Sizes: 56, 57, 58, 59,

Italian Camo M-43 Cap
Made from old unissued Italian shelter halves. They are the same pattern as WWII.  
The fabric is stiff and stands up well!  
Not reversible.
Available Sizes:   56,57,58,59,60,61,
Tan and Water camo M-43 Cap
 Not reversible.
Available Sizes: , - , 57 , 58  ,- , - , - ,


THESE ARE ONE OF A KIND CAPS.    Reduced to $25. ea.!!

Oak Spring Camo M-43 Cap with vents
Not reversible.
 Size: 59 ONLY

 in Inches
      21  5/16"   
       6 3/4
   54 cm
      21  11/16"  
       6 7/8
   55 cm
      22   1/8"   
   56 cm
      22   1/2"    
       7 1/8
   57 cm
      22   7/8"  
       7 1/4
   58 cm
      23   5/16"
       7 3/8
   59 cm
      23  11/16"   
       7 1/2
   60 cm
      24  1/16"   
       7 5/8
   61 cm
      24   5/16"   
       7 3/4
   62 cm

Cap Care
NEVER pull loose threads out! Remove loose threads with a lighter or cut them off.

To clean the cap, NEVER put it in a washing machine or a dryer.
If nessicary, dry-clean or wash by hand in cool water and a little soap.
Keep the visor flat while it is wet, as it can be easily damaged if it is bent or twisted.
The visor can be reshaped when it is dry.

For stubborn spots use a soft toothbrush and a little extra soap. Lightly scrub the stain to release it.
After washing, reshape and hang to dry or put it on a Styrofoam head.

You can spray Scotch guard on it to make it more resistant to soiling.

Even original German hats and caps were destructible.
Don't do anything to the cap that you wouldn't do to an original and it should last for years.

 The origins of the German field cap go back to WW I and earlier.  A similar cap with a short visor, fold down flaps and 2 buttons in front was worn by the Austrian military and by the German mountain riflemen in the first world war. In 1930 German mountain troops were issued a new version of the cap which was taller in the front than the earlier caps.  In 1937 a Blue-Gray version was issued to some Luftwaffe members for skiing and sports use. By 1939 the LW flak troops in mountain or remote areas and were also being issued the caps. In 1941 German troops in Africa were issued a similar light weight version with a longer visor and non folding traditional style flaps. In 1942 the Waffen SS begun issuing a reversible camouflage version of the cap that was mostly made from scrap material left over from the manufacturing of smocks and other garments. In 1943 the model 43 "M-43" was adopted as the standard field cap of the German Army, Luftwaffe, Kreigsmarine, SS and Police. These cap quickly became popular with all the soldiers and were used to the end of WW II.  After the war German military  continued to use the M43 style cap for many years.   Although there were many variations and models of these caps, over the years most collectors have come to use the term M-43 cap as a generic name for this style of cap.  

About my caps
 I started collecting German Militaria in the 1960's and have always liked M-43 caps but didn't want to wear an original and I could not find any repros that were authentic looking so after studying an original example, in 1973 I made my first cap. Since then I've made hundreds of caps and made a lot of changes to the patterns improve them. After observing hundreds of original photos of Germans wearing these caps, Its amazing how many different variations exist in original M-43 type caps. I cant make patterns to represent all the variations of different cap makers so I have developed my set of patterns to represent an overall attractive standard M-43 cap. I cut the visor material on an old factory leather cutting machine that was made in 1915. I use industry standard paper visor board, which is similar to the old originals. The manufactures of this material tell me that the old paper visor board is no longer being produced and is now being made of a plastic based material.  Who wants plastic in their cap! When it comes to M-43 caps, many of you feel the same as I do, there is no substitute for quality and authenticity!  The style of cap you wear is a reflection of your personality.

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