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Old Original Satin Montagnais Tribe Pouch

It Comes with the original inventory catalog card from the Denver Art Museum showing that it had been placed on loan indefinitely to on April 25 1937.  
It was one of hundreds of pieces that Denver Art Museum received as part of the George A Cuneo Native American artifact collection.
On the reverse side of the catalog card is a watercolor painting of the pouch.  George A Cuneo died in 1939 and later.
Erich Kohlberg bought this piece and more from the museum, and my mom got this pouch from Mr. Kohlberg sometime in the 1960's.
Kohlberg's Antiques opened in Denver around 1871 by Erich Kohlberg's uncle as one of Denver's first curio shops.  
Made of blue, brown, black, and red satin with a cream colored lining and gold ribbon tie string.
The bottom section is made of 4 pieces, (Black), (Black with red dots), (blue with flower design) and a (burgundy- brown color.)
The brown fabric is very frayed from top to bottom, the rest is in very good condition. Very clean inside. It's about 6 ½ inches tall.
The photos tell more than I can. It comes with the display box and the Denver Art Museum catalog card, which it has been in since mom got it.  
A very interesting and attractive piece with provenance of two well known early Denver collectors of old Native American artifacts.

 Controversial collector George A. Cuneo was born about 1852. He knew Red Cloud and Buffalo Bill and had his own odd history.
It's now known that in the 1870s and 1880s Cuneo had acquired relics directly from the soldiers who had personally taken souvenirs.  
Sometimes they took things during raids and in battles, including scalps! Very sad history that is well documented!  
Cuneo died in 1939 but the relics from the Cuneo collection have become historic, valued and appreciated additions to collections world wide.  
A link to an article about George Cuneo showing a circa 1930 photo of part of his collection. Bones of contention

I wish I knew more about it's origins.  A unique an interesting piece with provenance.

$350.  Free Shipping in USA.

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