The USS Constitution

This painting is unsigned and undated.  I assume it to be an unknown artist's rendering of the famous 1927 oil painting of  "Old Ironsides" (the USS Constitution) by Gordon Grant .   

The painting is on stretched canvas, size 17" X 26"  
Frame size is 22.5" X 31.5"  the frame is in rough condition but the painting is in excellent condition.  

A print of the original Gordon Grant Painting  HERE
Another similar variation by Gordon Grant:  HERE  
Another variation of this scene by G. Grant: HERE
This site shows many works by Gordon Grant and I found that he did several pieces very similar to this including preliminary paintings and watercolor of it.  If Gordon Grant did it as another preliminary piece, I assume he would have signed it.  I have to assume it's an oil painted copy.

Price $350.  Plus 35. for shipping.  The frame is trash, I can remove the painting from the frame befor shipping if you plan on re-framing it.

More info  about this ship at the USS Constitution Museum