A Silver Faberge Locket from Saint Petersburg, Imperial Russia.  (4 children in a sleigh)
Made during the reign of Czar Nicholas II 1899 - 1908
(Under Research)
Faberge locket

(Research in progress)

A Faberge Silver locket from Nicholas II period.  It has Faberge's St. Petersburg hallmarks and the mark of an unidentified work master.  

The locket is covered with deep red lacquer and has a painted scene of 4 children in a sleigh with 3 horses .
It has many small chips in the red part but almost none in the scene.  Possibly the chips in the red could be restored by a qualified person who works with lacquer.

The locket It is 2 3/8" tall and weighs just under 2 ounces.  

It has 2 hallmarks on the front.  " 84 in oval" (silver content) and "a woman  wearing Kokoshnik and Russian letters AR".
(the mark of the Faberge workmaster is unidentified.) ANY HELPFUL FEEDBACK OR INFO IS WELCOME!
 The same 2 hallmarks are also on the back.  Inside both sides there are roman numerals "I" and "IV" scratched on the surface and "VI" engraved on the surface.

The beveled glass retainers have scratches from someone carelessly trying to open them and  only one pain of glass remains.

The small image inside may have been added later. The chain has been added and is not Silver or old.

I'm still researching for now but I may offer it for sale.

Faberge locket photo 5


Faberge locket photo 9


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