A very odd and deadly concealed weapon from the 1800s
I believe this was originally a spring loaded weapon because there is a small cut out in the wood shaft for a release button.
It still works by simply swinging it downward, the blade slides out and locks firmly into position.  The blade is a square spike of steel.

My mom actually carried this on occasions in the early 1960's when she worked at Kohlberg's antique store in downtown Denver.
It was an amazing and intersting store and she even met and sold some things to Vincent Price while employed there.  
Ah, The good old days!   

No markings visible.  Staff length: 16 3/4"    Blade length: 6 5/8"   Total length with blade extended is 23 3/8"

An interesting and unusual old weapon! $150.   Free Shipping in USA!

The blade lock - squeeze to release - A very solid and depedible mechanism!

Slot for release lever or button

6  3/4 inch spike blade - A nasty little equalizer!

 Free shipping in USA!

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Time Machine 13